It's Too Expensive

The Script Certification 

It is too Expensive

Customer – “Yeah that just seems way expensive, I don’t want to spend that much.”
Transitional Phrase/Overcome the Concern

Sales Rep – “That’s actually why I am here. I’ve had a few neighbors in the same boat and one of the reasons they decided to go ahead and get it done is because I can do it so cheap right now while I’m in the neighborhood. It’s just a one-year trial and I can set it up so you just pay as you go. The other good part is you won’t see us for three months after the first visit, but if you do see any activity between the visits just give us a call and we will come back out for free.”

Create Need
“I also want to show you this really quick, see those spider webs up there?” (Go to creating the need in the
sale cycle)

Meet Need
Sales Rep – “So what we will do to take care of this is...” (Move to Meet the Need in the sale cycle)

Sales Rep - “Now is your garage accessible?” (Soft close then follow it up with the hard close)