The Script Certification 

I Don’t Have Bugs
Customer – “I just don’t have any bugs...”
Transitional Phrase/Overcome the Concern - Create Need

Sales Rep – “That’s why I’m here, the neighbors actually haven’t seen a lot either but the reason they are getting the service done is because with it being so *hot outside (Replace this with whatever weather condition it currently is at), what is happening is the bugs have moved inside the wet walls where we can’t see them. What they do is actually follow the condensation of the pipes and nest in the wet walls as you can see here. (Show them the slide of the wall void) Over time it can build up and cause damage if you’re not careful. Once it cools down (if it is raining say when it dries up, or if it's cold then say once it warms up) they will start pushing to the inside or the outside of the home, that’s why it’s good to be proactive instead of reactive with it.
Meet Need
Sales Rep – “So what we will do to take care of this is...” (Move to Meet the Need in the sale cycle)