I Already Have A Service

The Script Certification 

1. Perfect. Who are you with, Orkin? Western? Or...?
2. Yeah I’ve actually had quite a few neighbors who USED to be with _______. Don’t get me wrong, they’re a great company. But we just do a couple of extra things the neighbors have really liked.”
3. Now, _______ does both the inside and outside for you, correct?
4. Awesome. We do the same thing and we use eco-friendly products so it’s safe for the kids and pets. Hopefully their stuff is safe too. And our stuff doesn’t have an odor or stain anything. We also do two extra things the neighbors have REALLY liked. The first is our granulation 5-10 feet out around the entire perimeter of your home. This helps with anything that will attack your vegetation and simply puts a larger barrier around the home, making it very unlikely you’ll have problems INSIDE. The second add-on we include is the de-webber. It’s like a giant Q-tip we extend up to 30 feet on a big pole. We use this to knock down all the spider webs and/or wasp nests around your home, especially up high in the eaves where you can’t normally reach. We also apply a product on the end of that brush, which erases their pheromones so they don’t come back easily. So we do a 4 scope service where most companies only do 2.
5. Now are they coming out every quarter or every other month?

6. Okay and do you remember off the top of your head what they are charging you?

7. Normally we are VERY expensive... (while pulling out Price Laminate if you’d like) If you called us out of the phone book it would normally be ______ just because we do twice as much, BUT if you can get it done tomorrow while my guys are already out here, the price will be knocked down to _______ and it will actually stay the same rate each quarter. So instead of ______ every single time, it’s only ______ and you get that locked in discount for as long as you stay with us. That includes the 2 extra scopes. The neighbors have just felt that since we do twice as much AND we can drop the price that low, it’s a no-brainer.

8. So the only thing I need in order to make this happen is some sort of documentation showing us that you were at least serviced by them at some point in the last six months. Do you have anything like an invoice or receipt or something?

Great! If you can grab that real quick we will be good to go!