Auto Pay

The Script Certification 

The last thing I need in order to hold your spot on the route is whichever form of payment you want to use. We don’t do regular checks or cash, we do credit or debit, which one would you prefer? Could you grab that real quick? (Look down at the Ipad/Binder) *Once they hand you the card, be confident, small talk with the customer as you are entering in the info for the card.

1. Customer – I want to pay with a check…

Rep – Yeah we actually do ACH so we just need a voided check and we can get you set up. Do you mind grabbing that real quick?

2. Customer – I am not comfortable giving you my card...

Rep – Yeah I have had a few neighbors in the same boat, what they found is that the cards have an inherent security on them so they are backed 100%. If anything were to happen you get your money back and so do we. In fact we just enter it into the system now and then no one can even have access to it. So yea if you can grab whichever one you want, I can get this set up…

*If they persist in that they do not want to give you the card, you can have the customer call the info into the
office or give the info to the technician when they show up to do the service. Make sure to put in the notes –
“Tech collect Visa”