The Sales Cycle Pitch Certification 

Sale Cycle Overview 

The Script 


(Smile) Hey how's it going? (Wait for the response, Then smile and respond naturally)

I’ll be quick, I’m with Insight Pest Solution/ Terminix. I treat a bunch of the homes in this area, I’m sure you know

(Name Drop) and (Name Drop). It’s mainly been for those ants popping up, and Obviously the spiders, and the wasps

(Nod Your Head) I’ll be out here again later today and tomorrow, If you can get it done with everyone else, I’m doing it

half off.    (Head Nod and Smile Wait 3 Seconds)

How long have you lived in the area?



Customer– Yeah we’ve lived here for a while but we don't have a problem with bugs...


Sales Rep- (Smile) Yeah Forsure I get it, Honestly, the only reason I'm stopping by from your neighbors, I’ve noticed

most of the activity is popping up in this mulch. Is this mulch just here in the front or do you have it in the back as




Customer-Just in the front.


Sales Rep- Okay just like everyone else. So I’m sure you know, Ants love these areas. They nest a few inches under

the soil, Now with it heating up, they push up and move towards the house. (look at Laminate) They’ll find little cracks

and crevices and move inside the wall voids.They follow the condensation of the pipes and that leads them to your

wet walls. Those colonies build up, and overcrowd and then you’ll see them on your counter tops, In the bathroom and

kitchen. The reason is that bad ants aren't clean bugs and they will carry and spread bacteria in the home.



So what I do to take care of this on the first visit, I'll do a crack and crevice treatment under the sink, the window


seals and any other entry areas inside the home. Do you have kids or any pets?

Customer- Yeah Both

Sales Rep- Perfect you'll like this, the products we use inside the home, we also use in daycares, Nursing homes and

animal hospitals, so you don't have to leave when we treat. I’ll apply the product in those entry areas This is

important because it will bait the ants out, they will walk across our product, it will stick to their hair follicle, They do

the work for us, take it back to the nest, feed it to the queen and that will flush the activity away from your home.



Like I said if you can get it done with everyone else's, I’m doing it super cheap.